Hancon Mining Division Inc. is a Canadian based mining contracting company. Built on decades of experience and expertise in mine construction, development and production, Hancon Mining Division Inc. has the knowledge and skills to help our clients achieve their mining goals.


Hancon Mining Division Inc. is committed to providing excellent service. Our mining methods are based on the safest possible practices and procedures, and sustainable practices.


Our mantra is 'Safety First, Safety Always'

Our philosophy is 'Safe, Sustainable, Results'



Hancon Mining Division Inc. is committed to providing the safest techniques available, and managing each project with great care and detail.


Our full team of experienced superintendents, shifters and miners, ensure your project is carried out meticulously and safely.


Our philosophy of 'safe, sustainable, results' ensures the desired results through the use of safe and sustainable methods and procedures.

At Hancon Mining, safety is not just a priority, it is our culture. We operate on the premise that ‘the safest risk is the one you didn’t take’.


Constant review and enhancement of our safety programs and policies ensures that we meet and exceed the industry standards for safety, in every jurisdiction. All of our operating procedures are formed around the safest methods of operation and task completion.


Safety is not just about compliance. The implementation of positive safety strategies increases uptime, leads to higher morale and superior health of the team. All of which result in a more productive workforce and a better, safer environment.


Safety first means safety always!

Managing the environmental aspects of mining is an integral function of our industry. Successful environmental performance is vital to the mining industry’s existence, progress, and continued development.

Hancon Mining Division Inc. is committed to operating as an environmental leader in the mining industry through diligent application of appropriate technologies and responsible conduct.

We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, through all stages of exploration, construction, operation, and closure of mines. To maintain this compliance, we have established policies, standards, procedures, and systems at each of our operations to meet or exceed regulation requirements.


At Hancon Mining Division Inc., our team is the core of our business. With a growing number of projects, we are always looking for new talent to join us.


We are always looking for:

  • Longhole Drillers
  • Jumbo Operators
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Remote Equipment Operators
  • Bolters
  • Muckers
  • Construction Miners
  • Raise Miners
  • Narrow Vein Miners


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Safety First Work Culture
Local Employment Opportunities
Remote Site Locations
Competitive Financial Compensation
Comprehensive Health Benefit Package


At Hancon Mining Division Inc., we are proud to offer a team of certified, experienced, highly skilled and safety conscious miners and drillers. Our team can provide a full complement of services at all phases of mining from construction and development through production and finalization.


Some of our specialties include narrow vein mining, raise mining and long hole drilling programs.


Our workforce includes, but is not limited to:

  • Longhole Drillers
  • Jumbo Operators
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Remote Equipment Operators
  • Bolters
  • Construction Miners
  • Raise Miners
  • Narrow Vein Miners


Whether your requirements are task specific, project phase, or operation based, our experienced team is ready.


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